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Custom Magnet Solutions and Magnetic Assembly Manufacturing

Why the word Magnet?

Lets face it – There is a dearth of magnet expertise in North America and at some point you may need to manufacture a product that includes a magnet or magnet system.
So when that time comes, what do you need to consider?

Is it Ferrite? But what grade?

Is it Rare Earth? But which material – Neodymium or Samarium Cobalt? Again, if so, what grade?

Or maybe I need Alnico?

Additionally, you’ll need to know if magnets are always supplied magnetized or if you do need to magnetize how and with what?

Questions, questions – The good news is that TyTek Magnetics can help you with all of these considerations.

Now you’ll need to know what to do next and we can continue to help you every step of the way:

These are important questions and Tytek Magnetics can answer may more – Here’s how.

How do TyTek Magnetics deliver low cost and high quality magnets?

Our clients are large OEMs to small entrepreneurial companies with brilliant ideas and concepts. From a (not so simple) holding mechanism in a kitchen faucet to the giant magnet assembly in a wind turbine in the North Sea.

Large or small, it all comes down to getting the magnetic design right at the outset, and TyTek Magnetics is often called in at the design stage of the actual product in order to get the magnetics right.

This type of design assistance can and may include magnetic computer modelling of the flux patterns according to the design of the final product. As this will inevitably incorporate other materials that are both magnetically attractive (e.g. ferrous metals) and non-attractive (e.g. brass and aluminum), the flux patterns will be affected and can alter the performance of the final product itself.

The choice of magnet and grade can be determined without modelling too in many circumstances, but once it has been specified, TyTek Magnetics can supply that magnet from one of our own associated factories, permitting short delivery times and guaranteed quality and consistency.

An often underestimated aspect of magnetics is the assembly of magnets into a subassembly. Optimum magnetic performance comes from assembling magnets that are already magnetized, but that alone requires special design considerations when it comes to how to affix the magnets and the various jigs and fixtures required for each individual case.

Our facilities in the US and China are particularly skilled in this aspect of manufacturing.


TyTek Magnetics has decades of magnetic assembly and technology expertise. We are well positioned and well experienced to serve your needs - Every step of the way.