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TyTek Magnetics has used its magnetic tech know-how for customers in a variety of industries, all around the world.



Large Rotor Assembly for Tidal Generator

This large rotor assembly is used in a generator installed in dams and rivers to generate current from tidal movements. They are particularly useful for creating local electrical supply where there is no widely available grid. Generators are manufactured by a Netherlands company and installed as far away as Nepal.

We simulated the design to determine the right magnetic geometrical and material choices. We were also responsible for assembly of the critical SmCo magnets onto the rotor carrier.

Traction Motor 

Assembly for Traction Motor

This rotor, produced for a Germany company, is used in permanent-magnet traction drives for buses and trams. PM traction drives are compact, clean and quiet, and offer very high torque at low speeds, which makes them one of the most promising developments in drive and motion technology.

We were responsible for production of the rotor lamination, assembly of the magnets on the lamination package and the final fiberglass bandage


Magnetics Assembly for Hysteresis Coupling

This hysteresis coupling, which is used in an automatic line to screw caps on bottles, was made for a leading German manufacturer of bottling machines.

This custom assembly increased production efficiency by assuring proper fit with each cap. We optimized the design for the customer’s needs through simulations that revealed the correct material combination as well as the geometrics of the coupling and magnets.


Elevator Shaft

Rotor Assembly for Elevator Motor

This rotor assembly for a permanent-magnet elevator motor is used by a leading Brazilian manufacturer of elevators.

We took part in the magnetic and geometric design, and produced the rotors and assemblies. This PM motor offers high torque at low speed, plus highly accurate positioning. It allows a compact design that fits the limited space available in the elevator shaft.

 Wind Turbine Magnetic Component

Large Segment for a Double-side Axial Flux Wind Turbine 750 kW

We optimized size and shape of the magnet segments to minimize the cogging effect in the generator. Permanent magnet generators enable direct-drive solutions, thereby eliminating gearboxes and associated costs while boosting efficiency.

The biggest challenge was the assembly of the very large (110x110x25mm), very powerful Nd magnets. Assembly of these units must be done by experts to avoid risk of serious injuries to workers.


Rotor Assembly with fiberglass Bandage for ServoMotor

We took part in engineering and production of this rotor for a leading global maker of servomotors, which are used in a wide variety of applications because they offer accurate positioning and fast start/stop movements.


Magnet Plate Assembly for Linear Motor in Sawing Machine

This magnet plate assembly was created for linear motors for sawing machines. We optimized assembly/mounting of the magnets on the steel carrier. These units are produced by a TyTek Magnetics joint venture in China. Linear motors are widely used in the industry for moving machine parts, because they are efficient, accurate, and stop and start quickly.


Magnet Array to Isolate Eddy Current Losses

Demand for this kind of array is growing rapidly because high-speed applications need to reduce losses due to eddy currents as much as possible. With deep experience in magnetic assembly, we developed finely tuned techniques to produce these stacked/laminated arrays with great accuracy.

If magnetic design technology and magnetic assemblies are at the heart of your applications or products, TyTek Magnetics has Attractive Assembly Answers.


TyTek Magnetics has decades of magnetic assembly and technology expertise. We are well positioned and well experienced to serve your needs - Every step of the way.